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Alat cleaning service | Alat Kebersihan | Tempat sampah | Cleaning equipment | Industri Fiberglass | Pabrik Fiberglass
Alat cleaning service | Alat Kebersihan | Tempat sampah | Cleaning equipment | Industri Fiberglass | Pabrik Fiberglass

Karpet nomad 3M | keset karet | keset Mie

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Pack. & Delivery:1 Rol 3M ( 24 M ) / 1Rol 3A 18 M
Specification:3M Nomad NET RUBBER CARPET IN / OUT DOOR - 3M floor mating.

Description: Carpert rubber with fibers form a very useful to reduce dirt and dust up to 99% of the external environment into a room ( Data analysis is available from 3M) . Is essentially a rubber material that has the power market is relatively long because flexibelitasnya.Sangat useful for office, Hotels, Hospitals, apartment & Universitas.Garment to manufacture sandals layer can be made LOGO & Letters with color combinations on request & Etching sisi.Tersedia black rubber on a roller-type content 24m 6050, Type 7150 a roll contents of 12M, Type 6850 1 roll of 12 M, Type 7100 for out door & Type 3000, Type 4100 for Indoor.

1.Type 6050 Nomad IN / OUT DOOR - 3M floor mating ..
2.Type 7150 Nomad IN / OUT DOOR - 3M floor mating ..
3.Type 6850 Nomad IN / OUT DOOR - 3M floor mating ..
4.Type 7100NOMAD IN / OUT DOOR - 3M floor mating ..
5.Type 4000 Nomad IN / OUT DOOR - 3M floor mating ..

DUTY FLOOR MATS is the best ally in keeping the facility clean and secure your floor, reducing maintenance costs. Good floor mats woven program to identify the right type of floor and size depending on the traffic, location and weather conditions. Our entrance mats are specifically designed to target individual needs of interior and exterior. High quality materials used to ensure the best performance in every type of environment. From heavy duty mats for specific custom colors for decorating, we will give the floor mats came in just for you.

We have entry mats are available for application INDOOR, INDOOR / OUTDOOR applications where there is a closed entrance to the tent or overhang, and application OUTDOOR with entrance mats made of 100% weather-resistant rubber or vinyl.

Application: Outdoor

This mat is constructed of extruded vinyl in a random loop pattern. The best feature of this mat is the ability of anti-slip surface in extreme wet conditions, what makes a mat outside a very good weather-proof. Vinyl vinyl mesh is available with a support to retain dirt and moisture, or without the support so that the flow of water and dirt through the mat onto the floor. Very easy to handle and rolled up for cleaning and maintenance.


* All-weather mats for indoors or outdoors
* Made from 100% durable vinyl
* Super thanks to anti-slip surface for the construction of a random loop
* Black vinyl support to trap dirt and moisture in the mat
* There is no support for allowing the flow of dirt and moisture and flows through the mat
* Easy to clean, simply hose down
* Some standard sizes to suit your needs
* 7 standard colors to choose from


Application: Outdoor

Vinyl Loop mat is built from heavy-duty, vinyl covered nylon looped surface attached to the vinyl backing rough, setting new standards for quality and durability. This is the ideal mat entrance where dirt, sand, snow and water trapped beneath the surface of the mat and remain hidden until cleared.


* All-weather mats for indoors or outdoors
* Made from 100% durable vinyl
* This is the first line of defense against the accumulation of sand and damaged floor
* Ideal as a base scraper
* Long lasting
* Easy to clean
* 6 solid colors and 2 dual-color options to choose from
* Available in standard sizes and full of bread

National Floor Safety Institute ( NFSI) Certified

Application: Outdoor

Your first line of defense! Scrapemat is tough, durable, all-rubber mats. These cleats feature a skid safety surface-resistant and made of 100% nitrile rubber which resist damage by fats and oils. detention limit the potential pitfalls and printed area continued until the mat is cleaned of contaminants. Scrapemat is at work caught the ground and heavy debris from passing shoes or holding a spill.


* Certified by the National Floor Safety Institute ( NFSI) as flooring HIGH-traction, SCRAPEMAT been clinically tested and meets the highest performance standards
* Excellent performance as an outdoor mat
* All weather construction
* Made from 100% durable nitrile rubber
* Heavy and durable, ideal for environments where traction is needed
* Anti-fatigue properties
* Easy to clean, simply hose down
* Some standard sizes to suit your needs
* Black only


Application: Outdoor
Heavy Duty MultiGuard is the first step to keeping your entrances clean during bad weather conditions. This mat has thousands of high-performance small-scraping " fingers " to effectively remove pounds of dirt from sight and hold it in between the check.


* Warranty 1 Year
* All-weather floor mats for indoors or outdoors
* High quality, durable natural rubber compound with a solid rubber base
* Strong fingers scraping to remove snow, mud, sand and debris from traffic
* 1 / 2 " thick
* Safety sloping edge
* Easy to clean
* Some standard sizes are available
* Black only
* Green Rating> 50% Post Industrial Material
* Ships within 2 business days

Increase your productivity and employee morale by using ANTI FATIGUE FLOOR MATS where workers stand for hours on their feet. The basic principle of anti-fatigue mat is to offer a soft surface that creates an invisible leg muscle contractions, increase blood flow and oxygen to the lower body, so that less muscle fatigue. We offer a complete selection of anti-fatigue mat of high-tech to meet the needs of every customer.

Floor Mat Systems is a leading industry provider of a broad array of top quality mats, home office or gym. We offer a wide range of flooring options to suit your needs from the mat industrial, residential and commercial mat mat.
Entrance Floor Mats for Companies & Home

In high traffic areas, the floor is very important for a number of reasons. First, security concerns demand that visitors are provided with a safe space free from worry about slips and trips. With rugged materials and durable design, Floor Mat System can offer many options for diversity entrance mats for business and home.
Kitchen Floor Mats For Residential & Commercial Use

Second, the right floor to ensure that wear and tear on your underlying material will remain in good condition with minimal damage. hardwood floors and tile tender will be protected in a high traffic with our kitchen floor mat.
Custom Logo & Gym Floor Mats

Third, business owners who lose this opportunity to brand their prime for the first time customers. floor with a mat is the perfect way to get your company name out there in a good and effective. Our choice of colors and styles are unmatched and we look forward to working with you to create the ideal floor mat your commercial. Another popular use for our product is absorbent gym mat flooring that offers security and comfort no matter what the activity.
Anti-Fatigue & Floor Mats Anti Static

Floor Mat Systems also offers anti-fatigue mats to reduce stress on your body during a long work shift and anti-static mat that many customers find indispensable. We invite you to explore our online resources and contact us today to find out what' s Floor Mat System can do for you.

3M Nomad Matting High Scraper Traffic Backed - 6050

* For placement on the outside or inside the entrance to the facility.
* Vinyl loops scrape dirt and moisture from shoes, allowing it to fall into the mat and are not tracked into the building
* Durable Vinyl Construction
* Suitable for medium traffic conditions

3M Nomad Heavy Traffic Backed Scraper Matting - 7150

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